Beginner Talent Program
Hollywood Showcase

Our 5 star rated Beginner Talent Program will provide you, the beginner actor, with the tools and training necessary to launch a professional acting career and start auditions for commercial, movies and TV shows. This program includes on-camera training, professional actor's headshot & resume, audition listings and a Hollywood Showcase of Agents where TOP agents and managers watch you perform for major contract and casting opportunities! 


Beginner Talent Program Details

  • On camera acting classes
  • Professional actor’s headshot & resume
  • Promote your career through social media
  • Auditioning techniques to book the role
  • Audition listings for TV & film roles
  • Hollywood Showcase of Agents!


Hollywood Showcase of Agents

At the end of the program, all Beginner Talent get to attend our Hollywood Showcase of Agents. This is a one-on-one audition and meeting with Hollywood talent agents and managers to be considered for contract and casting opportunities!

This program is 3 months for beginner actors ages 7 & up.

By interview only.